GH's Kirsten Storms Reveals How She Injured Her Hand


If you wonder what happened to Maxie's hand in upcoming episodes of GENERAL HOSPITAL.

It is because portrayer Kirsten Storms injured herself in real life and has to wear a brace as she heals.

However, she keeps a good sense of humor about the whole thing!

"Lesson I learned recently," the actress shared on Instagram with a pic of her hand.

"Swinging a heavy trash bag to get it inside of a dumpster could result in said trash bag gaining momentum, making it spin, causing the drawstring to tie onto your fingers."

(Hey, I did not say this was my brightest moment!)

"Yes, the trash bag will try to take your fingers into the dumpster."

While the accident sounds painful, Storms keeps her spirits up and wants to share the news of her injury to warn her fans to be careful.

Moreover, explain what happened when the episodes of GH she is taping now finally air.

"I will be wearing this brace on the show, and I thought some of you might be curious about why I am rocking it," she said. "Juuuuust taking out the trash."

A sense of humor is essential when dealing with mishaps like this, and Storms also shared a hilarious exchange with ex-husband Brandon Barash (Jake, DAYS OF OUR LIVES).

"My middle finger is the most damaged part of my hand, and Brandon said it was karma for all of the times I have flipped him off," she reported.

"When I told him that I have flipped him off more times in my head, he responded, "And look what happened to your brain."

"He might be on to something," she joked, referencing her last year's brain surgery to remove a cyst.

Storms also revealed in a hashtag on her post that she has not been able to write a to-do list for two weeks!

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