GH's Kelly Thiebaud Reveals Why Britt Can't Get Over Jason


By all appearances, GENERAL HOSPITAL's Britt has it all: She is a successful doctor, a supportive family, and a ride-or-die best friend.

However, the one thing the GH co-chief-of-staff seems to be missing in her life is a romantic partner.

Although Britt has tried to meet someone through Society Setups.

She cannot seem to get over her short-lived relationship with Jason.

Although the pair was only together a brief time before he married Carly.

And then, shortly afterward was presumed dead when he was trapped in a collapsed tunnel on Cassadine Island.

Britt is still hung up on what could have been with Jason.

In a recent interview with THOUSIF Inc., the doctor's portrayer, Kelly Thiebaud, explained that;

A large part of her alters ego's feelings for Jason stem from his presence in her life "through that terrible time."

When she was diagnosed with Huntington's disease.

"I think with anyone when you are going through something so heavy and life-threatening."

"That whoever is there by your side, it means so much to you to have them," Kelly Thiebaud mused.

"Especially for a character like Britt, who has not had that, even from family."

"She has not had someone be so genuine, loving, protective, and supportive of her."

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