GH Alum Emme Rylan Tested COVID Positive 


Two and a half years into the pandemic, COVID is still a highly contagious illness.

Unfortunately, former GENERAL HOSPITAL star Emme Rylan (ex-Lulu) revealed that coronavirus has finally found its way to her household.

Emme Rylan says in an Instagram video: "I made it; how long has this been going on? I made it two years without catching COVID. Until now,"

"Oh my goodness, I do not know where we got it. Jackson, me, and Don, we all have symptoms,"

"I am the worst one because I eat more vegetables than them, drink more water, and always get sicker."

"Moreover, work out more than them too. It is so unfair!"

All jokes aside, Rylan did have a rough go of things over the past few days but seemed to have turned a corner.

"We are okay-ish. I am coming out of a three-day straight fever,"

Rylan is not the only GH alum to recently been infected with COVID-19.

Emma Samms revealed in late June that she was recovering from a second bout of the virus.

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