GENERAL HOSPITAL's Cynthia Watros Shares Backstage


Soap stars are known for looking glamorous and gorgeous on screen,

However, GENERAL HOSPITAL star Cynthia Watros (Nina) would like to remind fans that it takes much hard work to look that good!

The actress shared videos on Twitter taken in her dressing room that showed the magic the soap's hair and makeup teams work on every day.

Cynthia Watros: "So this is how I come in,"

"This magic here. Moreover, I will show you after my talented friends do my hair and makeup. It is a lot different."

"If you saw my previous video, I came in with no makeup on my hair. I just washed my hair, put it back into a ponytail."

"and then ta-dah! she exclaimed, showing off her lovely makeup and styled hair."

"But I have some beautiful hair and makeup people who do my hair and makeup amazingly."

"But just to let you know, we do not wake up like this. It is a lot of work!"

There is an excellent reason that the GH hair and makeup teams have multiple Daytime Emmy Award nominations and wins under their belts!

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