General Hospital's Chad Duell Reclaims His Role


Last week, General Hospital viewers were stunned to see a familiar Young & Restless face, Robert Adamson (ex-Noah), turn up in Port Charles as Michael.

It was not long before Chad Duell took to Twitter to explain his brief absence "was Covid related."

While he commented on Adamson's great job, Duell also informed that he would "be back filming" very soon.

Well, fans, Duell will be returning to the ABC soap this week, as showcased in the preview.

Michael is about to face a little backlash for how he has been treating Sonny.

His brother Dante takes a stand and asks, "Is it all worth it just to try to humiliate our father?"

We all know Michael is royally pissed and hurt that Sonny had continued to stand by Nina's side.

After she kept the secret that he was alive and well in Nixon Falls when they all thought he was dead.

Moreover, now that Sonny has taken the stand in support of Nina, there is no telling if they can ever come back from this.

On the other hand, Sonny refuses to give up hope that he and his estranged son can soon resolve their issues.

As also shown in the video, it makes it very clear to Dex that if he touches his kids, Sonny will kill him himself!

It is going to be an explosive week, so stay tuned.

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