GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers: Stella Collapses!


It is all about family in these GENERAL HOSPITAL spoilers! Lucy takes Deception public, and Chase welcomes Gregory back.

Finn tries to help Liz and her family, Nikolas stands his ground with Ava, and Curtis fears the worst when Stella collapses!

Lucy is ready to take Deception public and hopefully make much money, and Sasha is along for the ride.

“This is just the beginning,” Nina smiles at her. However, is Sasha ready for what comes next?

Brook Lynn and Chase fall for each other, but neither seems willing to open up about their feelings and make things official.

So when Chase’s father, Gregory, returns, might he have something to say about his son’s newest relationship or non-relationship, as the case may be right now?

As the reminders of Franco continue to pop up in her life, a haunted Liz keeps thinking she is figured out who is behind the stalking but has yet to be correct.

Moreover, as the problem is not going away, Finn steps in to try and help get her family back on track.

“We need to call in reinforcements,” he announces. Ava was stunned to come home and see Esme making herself comfortable in Wyndemere.

However, when she tries to talk to Nikolas about kicking the schemer out, he puts his foot down.

“I am sorry, Ava,” he declares, “but I have decided.” Will she fight back or realize that having Esme around might make proving she set up Trina easier?

Stella had come back to Port Charles with a clean bill of health and resumed her life, but now she suddenly lets out a gasp and falls to the floor!

“Aunt Stella!” Curtis shouts as he rushes to her side. Could she be having another stroke?

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