Former Days Of Our Lives's True O'Brien Engaged For Real


It is official: Casey Moss and True O'Brien are heading for a wedding.

That sound you hear? It is wedding bells for former Days of Our Lives co-stars Casey Moss and True O'Brien.

On Friday, June 10, they both posted a super-romantic video on a Malibu beach on their Instagrams.

In it, JJ's former portrayer gets down on one knee and proffers a ring to his longtime significant other.

Whom he met when she played his on-screen girlfriend, Paige, on the soap.

The joyful clip was shot by B.R.O. Productions and backed by Whitesnake's classic power ballad "Is This Love?"

both actors shared a quote from Robin Williams' character in Good Will Hunting. It reads:

"People call these things imperfections, but they are not. Oh, that is the good stuff."

"Then we get to choose whom we let into our weird little worlds. You are not perfect, sport, and let me save you the suspense."

"This girl you meet, she is not perfect, either. However, the question is whether or not you are perfect for each other."

With that, the happy couple exchanged "I love yous," and friends and family showered them with congratulations.

Marci Miller, who plays Moss's ill-fated sister Abigail on Days of Our Lives, said that since reading the news, she "cannot stop smiling."

Other well-wishers include his on-screen mom Melissa Reeves (ex-Jennifer), Robert Scott Wilson (Ben), and Molly Burnett (ex-Melanie).

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