Facts About Leonardo DiCaprio


1. The Taliban banned Leonardo DiCaprio's Haircut From 'Titanic.'

2. He has Been BFFs With Tobey Maguire And David Blaine Since They Were Kids.

3. People Tried To Convince Him To Change His Name

5. James Cameron Wanted Him For Spider-Man

6. Leonardo DiCaprio Named After Leonardo DaVinci

7. He had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder As A Child

8. He Is A Huge Advocate For Climate Change Policy

9. He Turned Down A Role In Tarantino's 'Inglorious Basterds'

10. He Credits Robert De Niro For All Of His Success

11. Leonardo DiCaprio Offered The Role Of Dirk Diggler

12. He is A Vocal Supporter Of The Democratic Party

13. Nic Cage Outbid Him On A Tyrannosaurus Skull

14. As a kid, he collected baseball cards before collecting fossils and vintage movie posters.

15. He Helped Save The Library That Now Sits In The Spot Of His Childhood Home

16. His Earliest Memory Is Of Performing

17. He Met One Of His Best Friends At An Audition As A Child

18. His Father Kept An Incredible Circle Of Friends

19. He Grew Up Poor

20. He is One Of Those Rare People Who Is Actually From LA

21. He Decided Not To Move In Order To Protect His Dinosaur Skeleton

22. He Has Never Done Drugs

23. He is Still A Box Office King

24. He Has Won All Manner Of Acting Awards

25. He Owns An Incredible Amount Of Property

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