Everything You Need to Know About Amelie Zilber


She's an Aries

This 18-year-old was born on March 27, 2002.

She's of mixed decent

In a Q&A video, she said that her dad and his parents are French, but her mother is part Lebanese and part American.

She can almost speak three languages

Amelie can speak English and French fluently, but because she's so interested in Middle Eastern politics, she's learning Arabic.

Her brother got her interested in learning about politics

Amelie Zilber's brother and mom used to get into serious political discussions. She wanted to join in so she could outshine him.

She wants to help others get involved in politics, too

She started a newsletter called Two Minute Times

She's attending Georgetown

 She wanted to go to school to further her commitment to foreign affairs.

She's signed to LA Models

Started modelling at 15 years old. She was signed to Ford Models before her agent left the agency for LA Models. 

She believes you can be beautiful and smart

Can we just freaking normalize that a beautiful girl can be really freaking smart and empowering? she said.

She's casually dating Blake Gray

Amelie said she and fellow TikTok star Blake Gray are dating, but it's nothing serious yet.

She was invited to the White House

Although she didn't disclose who the politician was, she wrote that it was someone she's "personally admired and been a fan of for years."

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