Evan Hofer Reveals About Dex On GENERAL HOSPITAL!


Daytime newcomer Evan Hofer made his GENERAL HOSPITAL debut in May as Dex, an eager go-getter who was intent on landing a job with Sonny.

Shortly after, it was revealed that Dex was working for Michael as a plant in the Corinthos organization!

In a new interview with THOUSIF Inc., Hofer confessed that he was unaware of the plot twist with his alter ego's true intentions up front.

Hofer shared, "I just knew that he wanted to work for Sonny,"

"Frank came up and told me he is working for someone else, and I was like, 'Oh, okay, great, great. Well, I have got to start working on my double agent stuff!'"

"My first instinct was that I had to create another layer for the character and kind of go."

"Okay, so we have seen what he is like with the big boss, Sonny; what is he like with the guy who had already hired him and is slightly more comfortable with?"

"I wanted to show the fans that Dex was full of it with Sonny, initially, and what his real motives are."

"I get the script about six or seven days ahead of time, and I start reading and going, 'Oh, interesting! The plot thickens with Dex!'" he said.

"As we move forward, we will learn a lot more about Dex's backstory, how he got here, why he is the way he is, and I am excited for that, too."

So stay tuned because there are plenty more twists and turns to come!

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