Elliot Page Transition News


Actor Elliot Page beamed as he revealed his life "improved drastically" after choosing to live his truth.

The actor, known for starring in Netflix's smash hit, "The Umbrella Academy," came out as transgender in December 2020, saying his pronouns would be he/they.

In a statement on Instagram, Page announced his new name would be Elliot.

Moreover, while he received waves of mixed reactions from strangers on social media, Page revealed that the people closest to him welcomed the news with open arms.

"I feel grateful for that," the 35-year-old said on "Late Night with Seth Meyers."

"Most people were not surprised. I have been talking about it with many people in my life."

Moreover, when facing negative responses from keyboard warrior-haters online, Page admits he is learned to brush it off.

"What I want to focus on right now, and has been so extraordinary, is the degree of joy that I feel, the degree of presence that I feel," he said.

"I feel a way I never thought possible for a long time. So that is what I am focusing on and embracing the most. However, of course, moments can be overwhelming."

Page said the fact that he still faces negativity over his decision to transition is "unfortunate."

"It is like, we are all on the same team here, you know?"

"Whether you are trans, gender-nonconforming, or Cis(gender),"

"We all have these expectations and constraints because people are obsessed with the binary and how we are supposed to live our lives," he added.

Page gushed over his life, saying it has improved "drastically."

"And I hope people who have an issue with me can try and hear that or embrace that on some level," the actor added.

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