Elkizi Series, Starring Sevda Erginci, Is Taking A New Test


The Elkizi series, which was carried on Fox TV screens and drew much interest, had ratings below average.

Last month, it was also announced that the channel had chosen to shut down.

However, the new Sevda Erginci and Smail Ege Saşmaz episode is eagerly expected.

The series will now air on Sunday evenings instead of Saturday evenings.

On Sunday, January 16 at 20:00, the 11th fresh episode of the series, which has ten episodes so far, will air on Fox TV.

It will be interesting to see how the series performs in the ratings on a new day.

If the series is well-received, the final decision may be postponed. 

So, what can we expect in the eleventh new episode? The following are the specifics: 

Ezo's lightest nightmare is marrying Harun.

She is willing to suffer for her mother's sake, but she is in a terrible circumstance.

This is the first and only time Ali has noticed it.

Ali senses something is not quite right, but no one except Ezo is willing to admit it.

Everything starts over with Zeliha not taking her medicine.

She remembers Zeliha, and she will make Cavidan, who did these things to her, pay the price.

Most importantly, he will meet his daughters, Ezo and Seher.

For Ezo, while hopes are gone, someone, he never expected, Nermin, helps him.

He has a plan, and if the program works, Ezo will both get rid of Harun and regain his freedom.

Reuniting with Ali is no longer a dream for Ezo, hopeful again, but his jealousy and pain when he sees Songül and Ali turn Ezo upside down.

No draw this time. There will only be a race of winners and losers.

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