Eileen Davidson Recalls Threatened By Angry DOOL Fans


Getting to play a conniving troublemaker can be great fun for any actor.

However, when Days Of Our Lives star Eileen Davidson took her character into dark territory, real-life began to reflect her art.

In a new interview on Soap Opera Digest’s podcast, Dishing With Digest.

The celebrated daytime star remembers how tense audiences got when Kristen DiMera came between celebrated super couple John Black, Marlena Evans for the first time.

“I loved being the spoiler. I thought it was fun,” Davidson began.

“Those hardcore Marlena/John Black fans, Oh my God, That is like a whole different animal, people.”

The celebrated actress exhaled. “I had death threats against me!”

“I had one woman taken out of the fan events by security,” Davidson elaborated.

“She had said she was going to knife me, writing me regularly, threatening me.”

As it turns out, the daytime legend had shared these letters with security at the fan event, who managed to identify the author in the crowd.

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