DOOL’s Peter Reckell And Kristian Alfonso Reveals


When Peacock announced that Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso would return to Days Of Our Lives (DOOL).

For its spin-off Beyond Salem, viewers could not imagine how the storyline would unfold.

Now, both stars and head writer Ron Carlivati are detailing what fans can expect from Chapter 2 this summer!

“As with the first chapters, most of Beyond Salem will take place, as the title suggests, in locations other than Salem,” Ron Carlivati shared with

“That allows us to catch up with people who have left town, find out what they have been up to since last we saw them.”

“Some unexpected but familiar faces will pop up again,” Carlivati added.

‘Unexpected’ barely covers it! The odds of Reckell and Alfonso reprising their roles of Bo and Hope Brady seemed minuscule.

Reckell’s character passed away from a brain tumor on-screen, while Alfonso felt strongly about not returning to DOOL.

For Reckell’s part, he recently explained to Access Hollywood that his appearance is “just for a couple of shows as a ghost to save my [family].”

So, there you have it, DOOL fans: Bo will not come back to life but rather guide Hope and Ciara through new challenges as an apparition.

“Hope needed to move on and did not have closure,” the actor continued. Alfonso chimed in.

“I called it the ‘Scrooge episode’ because [Bo] brought Hope through all their history and why it was time to move on, and their love would always be.”

Following the revelation that former General Hospital star Steve Burton will also star on the show. reports that actress Abigail Klein has signed on to play the role of Stephanie Johnson. 

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