DOOL Dropped Bombshell That Could Reunite Sami, EJ


Suddenly, the truth about Sami’s kidnapping is not the biggest secret on the canvas!

Evan was not the only shocked when Orpheus closed out the June 28 episode of Days of Our Lives by pronouncing that his son was the true father of Jan’s baby.

You know, the one she and Shawn supposedly conceived with the devil's assistance.

The one that drove a wedge between Belle and her husband even as it pushed her directly into EJ's arms.

Yeah, that baby.

Of course, the fact that Evan fathered Jan's baby has the potential to change everything if it comes to light.

However, that is one very big "if," especially given some of the players involved and how much they have to win or lose by keeping the tot's paternity under wraps.

Chief might be someone who, at first glance, does not appear to have a horse in the race.

However, consider how far Lucas has gone to secure his future with true-love Sami.

Indeed, a man who secured his romantic future by kidnapping his intended would have no problem switching a paternity test.

Why would Lucas do such a thing?

To assure that Belle remains estranged from Jan's supposed baby daddy, Shawn, and instead continues getting closer to EJ.

After all, a single Belle represents a significant threat to Lucas' future with Sami, whose returns to EJ are as predictable as their periodic divorces.

It is also possible that Kate, wanting to keep Lucas happy, might be compelled to have paternity tests altered, just as she did when Sami was pregnant with Johnny and Allie.

She has already expressed concern about Lucas going down the same dark path as Philip, who recently faked his murder to frame Brady.

Moreover, that is not even considering the possibility of Jan altering the paternity tests.

With so many potential outcomes, the one thing that seems almost certain is that this story will have many a twist ahead!

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