Disastrous Soap Opera Weddings


12. Chance and Abby, 2020 (Young and the Restless)

11. Alan and Lucy, 1990 (General Hospital)

10. Jack and Eve, Both Weddings (Days Of Our Lives)

9. Ryan and Victoria, 2001 (Young and the Restless)

8. Peter and Maxie, 2021 (General Hospital)

7. Ben and Ciara (Days Of Our Lives)

6. Billy and Victoria, 2010 (Young and the Restless)

5. Michael and Nelle, 2018 (General Hospital)

4. Shawn and Belle, 2020 (Days Of Our Lives)

3. Victor and Sharon, 2012 (Young and the Restless)

2. Victor and Nicole, 2002 (Days Of Our Lives)

1. Danny and Phyllis, 1997 (Young and the Restless)

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