Fans were not the only ones enjoying the recent scenes between Deacon and Taylor on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL.

Portrayers Sean Kanan and Krista Allen are also having a blast taping them and seeing where all this leads!

“I have had a blast working with Krista,” Kanan declared on Twitter. She is a terrific actress and funny!”

Moreover, Allen returns the sentiment! “Thank you, Sean!” she replied.

“I feel the same about working with you! So much fun on every level! I cannot wait for these scenes to air! Fans, get ready!”

This means that Deacon and Taylor will continue interacting in future episodes, which many fans hope will lead to a romance between the characters.

Moreover, given the fantastic chemistry, the actors share on screen, that could be fun!

Kanan first debuted as Deacon on B&B in 2000 and has reprised the role multiple times in the years since,

Even bringing the character over to sister soap THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS for a stint.

Allen took over the role of Taylor from previous portrayer Hunter Tylo in December 2021,

A couple of months later, Kanan brought Deacon back for more drama.

Given that Deacon and Taylor failed to win back Brooke and Ridge, respectively, pairing these two together would certainly be a recipe for some delicious drama!

Moreover, if nothing else, it would make the newly-reunited Brooke and Ridge’s heads explode at the thought!

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