DAYS OF OUR LIVES Spoilers: Sami Returns!


One couple weds while another could be torn apart by secrets in these DAYS OF OUR LIVES spoilers!

While Abe and Paulina prepare to live happily ever after, Sami’s back, but she is not ready to hear what Lucas tells her!

After Abe popped the question to Paulina, an excited Chanel suggested they marry on Juneteenth.

Moreover, although it is concise notice, it looks like everything came together beautifully! “Juneteenth!” Paulina declares.

Moreover, Abe adds: “The perfect day for a wedding.”

Moreover, as Salem comes together to celebrate the couple’s union, Paulina cheers: “We are finally jumping that broom today!”

Happiness is getting hard to find for others in Salem, notably Lucas, who has been overwhelmed with guilt about secretly kidnapping Sami.

Moreover, getting blackout drunk only to wake up to find out Abigail had been murdered, and he cannot guarantee he was not responsible, has not helped!

When Sami returns home to Salem, Lucas opens his heart to the woman he loves. “I want you to be my wife,” he reveals.

However, entering into a relationship while keeping secrets is not a good idea. “I have something to confess,” Lucas admits.

Unaware of what he might say, Sami, stands by her man.

“Lucas, I love you,” she insists. “No matter what. Just tell me.”

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