Days of Our Lives’ Casey Moss Quitting Again


The funeral of Days of Our Lives Abigail may have been held off-camera, but it brought several familiar faces back to Salem to say farewell.

That included her much-loved (by both Abigail and viewers) brother, JJ and his portrayer, Casey Moss.

Unfortunately, now that Abigail’s dead and buried, it looks as if JJ will be catching one of the following planes out of Salem.

A Days source tells us that the character was only in town to pay his respects to Chad’s late wife.

While he will stick around a little longer, do not get attached.

Weirdly, it makes sense that grief would be what brought JJ home.

After all, the character has gained a reputation for being a sadsack over the years.

Not that the poor guy has not had good reason to be a bit mopey.

That time, he fell in love, only to have his girlfriend Paige discover (on her birthday, no less) that he had also been sleeping with her mom, Eve.

He and Paige would later work things out, only for her to become one of Ben’s victims.

You know, back when a pre-therapy Ben was strangling people with neckties.

A few years later, JJ tried to commit suicide out of guilt for having shot Theo.

He would later find love again with Haley, only to screw that up, have her marry Tripp and die after tumbling down a staircase.

So yeah, the guy has been through a trauma or two.

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