Could Elon Musk Buy Coca-Cola?


After his stunning $44 billion bid to buy Twitter was unexpectedly accepted this week.

Elon Musk jokingly announced his subsequent takeover: Coca-Cola.

Talking to his 87.1 million followers on Twitter on Thursday, the billionaire said he will buy Coca-Cola next "to put the cocaine back in."

It is fair to say that whatever Musk now writes on the social media platform is being scrutinized a little more carefully than it used to be.

As over 200 million daily active Twitter users are waiting to know how the extravagant billionaire will change the platform, or simply what he will do next.

However, when we look at what buying Coca-Cola would cost, it is more likely that Musk was joking about buying the company.

Coca-Cola is considered the world's most valuable drink, and the company was valued at $87.6 billion in 2021, according to the latest data shared by Statista.

Shares for the company are higher than the $54.20 a share Musk offered for Twitter, standing at $65.56 on Thursday morning.

Popular financial account Fintwit replied to Musk's announcement on Coca-Cola by sharing a screenshot of the value of Coca-Cola's shares today, saying:

"Elon, you are too poor to buy Coca-Cola."

Moreover, although the iconic brand would indeed be a little pricey, it is hard to predict what Musk could set his mind on in the future.

Buying Twitter only a week ago seemed an equally crazy idea.

Musk is, after all, the wealthiest person on the planet, with an estimated net worth of $289 billion, according to Bloomberg.

He is also in charge of the biggest electric car company globally.

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