Chris Evans, National Rescue Dog Day - Pooch Dodger


This Avenger was powerless to shield his heart from puppy love upon locking eyes with a stray, shelter-bound pooch in 2017.

Five years on, Chris Evans posted yet another mutt-erly adorable snapshot of his beloved rescue dog, Dodger, to Instagram to recognize National Rescue Dog Day.

The Marvel actor and his canine BFF appear mid-joyride with Evans, 40.

The boxer mix is resting his chin on his movie star dad's shoulder at the steering wheel.

Evans initially found Dodger in a Savannah, GA, animal shelter while filming the fatherhood-themed drama flick "Gifted."

According to the gram, he posted on last year's National Rescue Dog Day.

"This is the moment I met Dodger," Evans wrote in the May 20, 2021, caption.

The fortuitous encounter occurred during an on-location shoot for a "scene took place at a shelter."

"I had no intention of rescuing a dog that day, but the minute I saw him I knew he was coming home w me."

"There are so many loving animals at shelters who are in desperate need of a home. Visit a shelter and leave with a best friend."

Back in February 2019, for the similar companion animal-centric Love Your Pet Day.

Evans dug up a clip to share across social media of his "first 'hangout' at the shelter" with Dodger, then known as Benny.

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