CDC Says Americans Can Now Go Unmasked


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that:

"It is relaxing its mask guidance for communities where hospitals are not under high strain."

Under the new guidance, nearly 70% of the U.S. population lives in an area considered low or medium risk.

Residents there are advised they can go indoors without masks.

The CDC recommends continued mask use in communities where severe cases of COVID-19 are straining the health system.

The move to ease up on masking, federal officials say:

Reflects current conditions at this phase of the coronavirus pandemic, including widespread immunity through vaccination.

Prior infection as well as better access to testing and treatments.

Health officials emphasized that people should still wear face coverings if they wish or are personally at high risk.

Moreover, they should ask if they have COVID-19 symptoms or a positive test regardless of local conditions.

As part of the change, the CDC is dropping its recommendation for universal school masking.

Instead will recommend masking only in communities at a high level of risk.

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