Can Yaman In Disney Plus Who Will Shoot Series 


Can Yaman, who moved to Italy a year ago to act in the TV series.

He had not been involved in any project in Turkey during this time.

The handsome actor has recently signed an agreement with the international digital broadcasting platform Disney Plus.

Which will be broadcast in Turkey.

It has been stated that Can Yaman will return to Turkey for the series.

The handsome actor, who received an offer to play the leading role in the series Sandokan a year ago, settled in Italy upon this offer.

However, when the series was postponed due to the pandemic, Can Yaman took part in many different projects.

Can Yaman recently made a deal with Disney Plus.

Disney Plus, the digital broadcasting platform that is preparing to meet Turkish audiences in August.

The series is planned to be shot in Turkey.

Ay Yapım will shoot the new series starring CanYaman. 

Uluç Bayraktar will be the director of the series. 

Kerem Deren will write the script, which has produced a very successful TV series so far.

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