Bridgerton Season 2 Ending Explained


Bridgerton Season 2’s final scene shifts the timeline of the annual Pall Mall game to shortly after Kate and Anthony are officially married.

Their actual wedding ceremony occurs off the page in the novel, but the timeline is altered in the series to fit in show-only characters and plots.

Kate and Anthony almost missed the start of the game because they were still in bed, replaced the nighttime scene, and showed the events in linear order.

Parts of the gameplay descriptions were integrated into episode 3.

Lady Danbury cleverly replaces the spoiler attendees, and a now starting to walk baby August was also added into the show version.

Parts of the actual competition were moved to episode 3.

Even though there are differences, the overall meaning is still intact.

Anthony believes he fell in love with Kate during the Pall Mall game.

The spirit of the family competition and also family unity is still there.

Kate and Anthony still provide a mutual distraction for each other.

However, they spend so much time kissing in the show that they do not even bother playing.

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