Brandon Barash Opens Up His "Character Being Killed Off"


Viewers may have been shocked when DAYS OF OUR LIVES recast the role of Stefan DiMera only to kill him off,

However, portrayer Brandon Barash knew the plan when he was hired to take over for Tyler Christopher on the NBC sudser.

Of course, he then promptly forgot about it!

"I was half-shocked and half-not-shocked when they killed Stefan," he admitted to THOUSIF Inc.

"When I took the job, they said, We will work you for a month or two, and then we will write the character out."

"However, I took over the role, and everybody loved what I did with the part, so they extended it. It ended up lasting  months, and I thought it would keep going."

"I was equally as surprised when they called a few months later and said, Yeah, we made a mistake. Would you like to come back?" he recalled.

"We will create this character, and we welcome your input."

"We can build it together. That is what we did; of course, I was very honored. It is not very often that you get to do that."

"Jake is much fun to play because he is very loose,"

"He is the antithesis of Stefan. He is funny. He likes to laugh. He likes to make people laugh. Stefan was intense, brooding, and calculating."

"He was way more deliberate than Jake. Those moments when Stefan died, and Jake came into the picture? Feeling the difference between the two was much fun."

"They are an iconic family, not just in daytime television but in television, period," Barash declared.

"I enjoy that very much. Jake is the black sheep. He broke the mold of DiMera men by being this happy-go-lucky, free-flowing guy."

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