B&B’s Scott Clifton About His Character: “I Do not Like Liam.”


Viewers have watched Liam spencer cheat, lie, and make amazingly boneheaded decisions on The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) over the years.

Moreover, while most fans are aware of The Waffler’s habits, actor Scott Clifton has to be self-aware.

In a recent video chat on Bold Live, Clifton made it clear that bringing his character to life can be a frustrating experience.

“I do not like Liam,” he said. “I do not think I would be his friend. I think he would frustrate me.”

It is better not to get Clifton started on Liam’s flaws since nobody has had to spend more time with the character’s indecisiveness and hypocrisy.

“I do not like his ethics or treating people,” Clifton continued, “or the titanic divide between the principles he espouses and how he behaves.”

“I could write a dissertation on everything psychologically wrong with Liam,” the actor deadpanned.

“I am supposed to be playing this good guy who makes all these awful choices that constantly hurt people, and he never learns from it.”

The idea of embodying a loathsome character sounds torturous day in and day out.

So, why does Clifton continue to play “the worst man on the TV” after all this time? It is all about the challenge.

“It is a puzzle. However, on the other hand, I do enjoy figuring out how to justify the choices that this guy makes,” Clifton admitted.

"How do you make such and such a choice if you were a good person?"

On the other hand, if you were this well-intentioned, innocent person, how could you possibly make this choice?" Clifton said, reviewing his process.

"That is a question I have to ask myself every script I get."

Through this "puzzle," Clifton eventually finds the thrill of performing such an iconic, if sporadically frustrating, character.

"I will pat myself on the back and say, I do not think many actors would pull it off the way I do, Clifton said.

"That is all part of the fun!"

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