B&B’s Katherine Kelly Lang Suffers Broken Bones


“What did you do for Mother’s Day?” Katherine Kelly Lang asked her followers on Instagram, before revealing the events of her traumatic day.

“I started on a beautiful ride yesterday with friends,” The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) star began.

“We planned to do 40 miles for training for the 50-mile horse race coming up in June. It was a beautiful day!”

Despite Lang being an accomplished rider, who even interrupted Ridge and Taylor's wedding on horseback in a famous episode events were about to conspire against the legendary daytime actress.

“At around 16 miles I got off my horse to walk down a steep and very rocky trail to give her a break, At the bottom of the trail I tripped on a rock and my left foot took the pounding.”

As the photos below show, her sunny excursion with friends ends in a hospital room. One-shot in particular shows the break, accompanied by some massive swelling, in her left ankle.

“My ankle and foot dislocated off to the left at a 90-degree angle to my leg, I pushed it back into place. It was so gross but I had to do it.”

“Thankfully this happened by a road and a nice stranger called 911, And thankfully I was with my friends who helped with my horse and my spirits.”

Once at the hospital, the actress discovered she had three broken bones in her ankle.

Due to the nature of her injuries, she also required surgery, which explains the oxygen tank she’s fitted within the final photo.

“Had surgery late that night and now have rods, pins, and screws in my ankle,” Lang acknowledged. “No weight bearing on my foot for six weeks.”

Despite the doctor’s orders, Lang sounds as though she will remain on the B&B set.

Despite the doctor’s orders, Lang sounds as though she will remain on the B&B set.

"I will still go to work later this week and try to heal quick so I can do all the things I love to do,” Lang went on.

“I am still in the hospital today and trying to have a smile on my face. Although the is admittedly down about this injury, she is trying to see this obstacle in a positive light.

“I am not a happy camper when things slow me down like this, And there is always a lesson to learn. Not sure what that lesson is yet but will have the time to contemplate.”

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