B&B's John McCook Defends Polarizing Storyline


John McCook has been portraying Eric Forrester since the first episode of The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) and garnered four Daytime Emmy nominations for his work.

However, as the actor confides to Soap Central, this fourth nomination means the most because it recognizes a storyline that many fans (including McCook) were on the fence about!

McCook explained: "The special thing about this is that the storyline for Eric that I was nominated for doing was very controversial."

"Eric could not fulfill his wife's physical needs, and he made some bad choices, choices that I didn't agree with."

B&B's executive producer Brad Bell had several conversations with the beloved actor to make sure he was on board with the story.

"Brad explained all of this to me before we did it,"

"He had me up to the office, and he said:"

"How would you feel about telling a story about erectile dysfunction and about [Eric's] wife off to be with somebody else?"

"And I said, 'Look, I do not mind making bad choices or wrong choices for Eric, as long as in the end, we can see why he makes these choices.'"

McCook has nothing but fond memories of the storyline, but viewers held a much more varied set of opinions on the bizarre love triangle.

"There were a lot of people who were offended by it, and there were a lot of people who did not think it was an appropriate storyline to be on a soap opera,"

"But some of those people, all they want to see is triangles and love stories."

Unlike the average cheating storyline, Eric's erectile dysfunction introduced an unusual tension to the rapport between Eric, Quinn (played by Rena Sofer), and Carter (played by Lawrence Saint-Victor).

"However, many people, not just older people, have experienced this sort of thing."

"Many people thought it was the fascinating and engaging subject matter."

"So, the reaction was good. It was good."

In the end, McCook is most impressed with the way Bell conscientiously gauged his interest before green-lighting the storyline.

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