B&B’s Diamond White Claps Back At Her Internet Haters


For many celebrities and other figures in the public eye, the internet can be a hurtful place.

While many fans will praise a person’s work, many haters will hide behind the anonymity of a keyboard and criticize everything from the person’s performance to their physical appearance.

Unfortunately, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL star Diamond White (Paris) found herself to be the target of some haters recently,

She read multiple rude remarks on social media criticizing her body and appearance.

Addressing the negativity in dual posts on Twitter and Instagram,

White clapped back at critics who had something to say about how often she changed her hairstyle and fluctuating weight.

“I see many comments now about my weight. Before, the conversation was about my hair,” the B&B actress wrote on Twitter.  

“Let us break it down. I am happy. I am more active now, so I am slimmer. If I feel bored, I change my hair!”

White had more to say on the matter over on Instagram, where she posted a glamourous photo from several years ago and shared a message to her younger self.

“This photo is from when I was around 18,” wrote the former X FACTOR contestant.

“I am 23 now. I am posting this photo because when I was 18, I did not know that beauty and happiness are not the same.”

Both of White’s posts were met with positive support from her colleagues and fans.

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