B&B - Steffy Recalls And Calls Sheila A Monster


After Steffy finally remembered Finn and Hayes, she was devastated to learn her husband was shot to death before she was also shot.

After the widow’s emotional reunion with her children, Liam stayed the night at the cliff house when Steffy begged him not to leave her alone.

Later, Sheila arrived and was obsessed with seeing Hayes.

Steffy still could not remember the shooting, but Sheila’s presence began to trigger her memories.

As it was clear Steffy was beginning to remember,

Sheila later told Deacon there was nothing left for her in L.A. because Steffy would not let her see Hayes, so she left town.

However, before she can hightail it out of Dodge.

Steffy recalls witnessing Sheila shoot at her in the alley behind Il Giardino, only for Finn to take the bullet.

She confronts her former mother-in-law and asks, “What kind of sick animal shoots someone in cold blood?”

However, hold your horses, Sheila, because Steffy tells her that she was there, and she remembers!

“The truth is out, Sheila; you killed your son!”

How will Sheila get out of this one? Moreover, do you think Finn is dead, or is Li hiding him somewhere as he recovers?

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