B&B Alum Kiara Barnes Goes Back To Work


The good news is that Kiara Barnes is back on set shooting new episodes.

The bad news is that it is not as Zoe on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL.

The actress shared a selfie from her trailer on season two of FANTASY ISLAND.

"I am so happy to be back in Puerto Rico!"

 "Who is ready for more Roarke, Ruby, Javier, and lots of new adventures?"

Kiara Barnes joined the cast of B&B as Zoe Buckingham in July 2018.

She got mixed up in complicated romances with Xander, Zende, and Carter.

Found herself as part of the baby swap storyline instigated by her father, Reese.

However, the actress had exited the soap and landed herself a role on FOX's new FANTASY ISLAND reboot!

Ruby first appeared in the premiere episode of FANTASY ISLAND.

As an older woman with a terminal illness looking to reconnect with her husband before the end comes.

However, instead of accepting her ultimate fate.

Ruby got a tattoo that secured her a place on the island as Elena Roarke's right-hand woman and made Barnes a series regular.

There is no air date for the first episode of FANTASY ISLAND's second season.

Which is understandable as they have only just started shooting.

However, the first season aired over the summer.

So it is likely that the second will follow suit and premiere sometime in August.

With Carter currently mixed up in a complicated relationship with Zoe's sister, Paris, and Grace Buckingham's mother, now on B&B.

Zoe is missed on the canvas.

However, Barnes having success with her new primetime gig.

The soap would have to recast if they wanted to bring Zoe back.

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