Baby Shark Video Reaches 10 Billion Views On YouTube


“Baby Shark Dance” video, adored by children and detested by parents, is the first video to reach 10 billion views on YouTube.

Two child actors play the Baby, Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, and Grandpa Shark (doo doo doo doo doo doo).

The children’s song, created by South Korean education company Pinkfong

Performed by Korean-American singer Hope Segoine,

The songs was released in 2016 and were instantly a viral hit in Asia.

The song was released in 2016 and was instantly a viral hit in Asia.

However, Americans did not get wind of this song until 2019.

Since then, it has been a part of a Nickelodeon TV show, cereal, and a live show. 

It even made it to Billboard’s top 40.

It also inspired the Jamie Tartt chant on Apple TV+’s “Ted Lasso.”

The Washington National fans were also obsessed with the song.

Pinkfong took to social media to celebrate this milestone.

“Today, we mark history with our special milestone." 

"Baby Shark Dance became the first video in history to hit 10 billion views on YouTube!" they wrote on Twitter.

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