Avery Kristen Pohl Returns To General Hospital!


Esme Prince portrayer Avery Kristen Pohl is returning to GENERAL HOSPITAL the week of October 3.

Esme prince took a tumble during her fight with Ava, and fans knew it was only a matter before she resurfaced!

In the latest interview with a popular soap opera magazine Avery Kristen Pohl revealed the following things:

Avery Kristen Pohl said: "Our executive producer, Frank Valentini, told that."

"Hey, I do not want you to freak out, but we are writing you off the canvas for a little bit."

"I had no other context for a while. Then, later, Frank Valentini told me, 'You are being shoved off the parapet.'"

"And then later, Frank Valentini told me Ava would be the one who did it."

"From there, I was always trying to find new information."

"Because your brain spins and scrambles when you hear something like that."

"You are like, 'Well, how long will it be until I come back?' Many questions come to mind."

"I still felt rusty, but I felt way more back into the groove by the time I had shot a few episodes."

"Now that I am back, I think there is an even bigger question at work about what is going on."

"And my lips are closed on that one!"