Avery Kristen Pohl - Esme and Ryan On GH


Avery Kristen Pohl Opens up About Esme and Ryan’s Relationship on GH.

When Esme first encountered Ryan in GENERAL HOSPITAL.

Fans immediately began suspecting that the apple did not fall far from the psycho tree and the pair were father and daughter.

Moreover, even though she had only just started working on the soap.

Avery Kristen Pohl thought the same thing and had her suspicions confirmed shortly before they began shooting the scene!

“Right before taping, [the director] goes, ‘Oh, Avery, by the way, yeah, that is your dad,’” she revealed to the media. “So I was like, Okay, that changes things!”

However, viewers did not confirm the relationship between the two characters until the March 9, 2022, episode.

When Esme sneaked into Ryan’s cell at Spring Ridge for a father-daughter chat.

However, even after watching that episode, many fans were still confused about what was going on between these two.

“The biggest thing Jon [Lindstrom, Ryan] and I wanted to do was make the audience second-guess everything,” Pohl declared.

“And I think we are doing okay with that!”

Despite her calling him “Daddy” and him referring to her as his “beautiful, gifted daughter.”

There was another layer to Esme and Ryan’s interaction that felt uncomfortably intimate.

“On set, it was exciting to do,” the actress admitted. “I was sweating while I was filming! They are naturally make-your-skin-crawl scenes.”

Pohl is also excited to be working with Lindstrom as her TV dad and appreciates his help portraying their unique familial connection.

“He is a super-nice dude, and I think we made those scenes as comfortable as possible,” she said.

“But they were exciting things to have to film and a very questionable relationship to portray, to say the least!”

Esme is proving to be just as devious and unpredictable as her father, Ryan, so you will want to stay tuned to GH to see what she does next!

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