Anthony Geary Returns To Acting!


It has been almost seven years since GENERAL HOSPITAL icon Anthony Geary left Hollywood and Luke Spencer behind and permanently moved to his home in Amsterdam.

After his final GH appearance on July 27, 2015,

Anthony Gearymade one more blink-and-you-missed-it cameo in April 2017 to usher Jane Elliot’s Tracy off the Port Charles canvas.

He has been enjoying retired life in the Netherlands ever since.

However, the legendary eight-time Daytime Emmy Award winner has now returned to the screen!

Anthony Geary appeared in the latest episode of the YouTube series THIS SHOW SUCKS: TRUTH + CONSEQUENCES.

Created, written, and executive-produced by celebrity photographer Jim Warren,

The tongue-in-cheek series is “an insider’s perspective” on what goes into making the fictional daytime drama TRUTH + CONSEQUENCES.

In the THIS SHOW SUCKS storyline, the TRUTH + CONSEQUENCES producers have been trying to track down the series’ former start,

Trent Silver, hoping they can convince him to return to the soap opera for a limited run and save the struggling drama from cancellation.

In Episode 9, Trent is located somewhere in Europe.

Executive producer Drew Miller (played by Warren) and network exec Mr. January (played by GH’s Felix, Marc Anthony Samuel) have further tracked him down in the Netherlands.

Filmed on location in Amsterdam, the episode follows Drew as he searches for Trent across the city, hoping for an opportunity to plead his case.

Eagle-eyed viewers will also spot GH alum Anders Hove as one of the silver-haired gentlemen Drew mistakes for Trent along the way! Finally, Drew catches up with Trent in a restaurant.

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