AEW World Champion CM Punk To Undergo Surgery After Injury


AEW World Champion CM Punk To Undergo Surgery After Injury

Just five days after becoming champion, the 43-year-old Punk announced on Friday night's Rampage episode that he had suffered an injury that would require surgery.

Punk is not relinquishing the AEW world championship, but an interim champion will be crowned in his absence.

Punk described the injury as being a broken "wheel."

He promised to return bigger, faster, stronger, and hungrier than ever.

With tears in his eyes, Punk addressed the crowd on Rampage. He told the fans he had both good and bad news for them.

"The bad news is I am injured, and I need surgery. A couple of things are broken."

"The biggest is my heart because I love nothing more than performing for all of you, and I wanted to go on one hell of a run. That is the bad news," Punk said.

"The good news is, I can still do all that. I told you I would go until the wheels fall off."

"Well, the wheels are still there; they have not fallen off. It is just that one of them happens to be broken."

"However, I have come back from worse. I have felt better than I feel today, but I tell you that I have also felt a hell of a lot worse."

"This is a bump in the road. It hurts. It hurts like hell. I want to wrestle for you."

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