9 Unknown Facts About The KGF Actor YASH


1. Yash's birthname is Naveen Kumar Gowda, and he has a younger sister Nandini.

2. He spent his childhood in Mysore and pre-university at Mahajana Education Society.

3. Yash's career began with TV shows and supporting roles in movies. The first series he worked on was Nanda Gokula.

4. Yash's first solo movie was in 2010 with Modalsala.

5. Yash also gave his voice for two songs in his movie. In Mr. and Mrs. Ramachaari he sang 'Annthamma'.

6. Yash met his wife Radhika on his first series, Nanda Gokula. After that, they worked together in several movies together.

7. Yash and Radhika got secretly engaged in Goa on August 12, 2016.

8. Yash's KGF became the highest-grossing movie. He is the only Kannada actor to enter the 200 crore club.

9. Yash is said to charge 15 crores per project.

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