9 Embarrassing Sex Stories to Make You Laugh

1. "I Was going hard, pushed a little bit too hard and farted right as I came. A girlfriend might have laughed it off."

2. "Once my ex-husband slapped me in the face trying to be rough, and I started crying, and then he started crying, and it was awkward."

3. "Dude was hitting it from behind and then stopped, got up, used his inhaler, then went right back to it as nothing happened."

4. "Called ex-boyfriend name while in between the session on the first night."

5. "BF caught me using a toy in the bathroom, later I came out, and he was gone."

6. "In an excitement of meeting her after a long time, I turned her back, and she could not control her and fart on my face."

7. "My friends with benefit GF asked me to get condoms, and I was happy to bang her, but already a dude was sitting with her. She took the packet from me and went."

8. "I was going down on my girlfriend after a hard day of travelling to see her, and I fell asleep in between her legs."

9. "I peed with much pressure soon after the session, and it hit the ceiling fan. It rained for half a second and soaked the bed."

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