9 Benefits of Dance Therapy in Diabetes


1. Better heart health: Dancing can help strengthen the heart and help with blood circulation.

2. Lowered risk of heart: As little as twenty minutes of dance thrice a week is beneficial. 

3. Lowered stress: Dance has a way of lowering stress and improving mood.

4. Endorphins: It aids in releasing endorphins that make you feel better and help you relax more.

5. Builds endurance: This is especially useful for those who need to lose weight or get more active.

6. Physical endurance: Regular dance therapy can help build physical endurance, just like cardio workouts.

7. Burn calories: Every dance session can burn up to 500 calories, depending on the dance form and intensity.

8. Improves balance: Diabetics are consistently advised to prevent injuries and falls.

9. Better posture: Dance helps maintain balance, allows better posture, and controls body movements.

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