70th Anniversary GUIDING LIGHT Relive Classic Moments


1. Carita Bauer as Bert Bauer on the Cedars Hospital set, circa 1981.

2. Kevin Bacon (Tim) and Kristen Vigard (Morgan) on location in 1980.

3. Tom Neilsen (Floyd), Lisa Brown (Nola), and John Wesley Shipp (Kelly) in 1980.

4. Michael Tylo (Quint), Maeve Kinkaid (Vanessa), William Roerick (Henry), Christopher Bernau (Alan) in 1983.

5. The wedding of Jane Elliot's Carrie and Jerry ver Dorn's Ross in 1982.

6. Lisa Brown (Nola) and Michael Tylo (Quint) in one of her famous fantasy sequences circa 1982.

7. A Spaulding family photo with Grant Aleksander's Phillip, Elvera Roussel's Hope (with baby Alan-Michael), Christopher Bernau's Alan, and Kathleen Cullen's Amanda.

8. Vincent Irizarry (Lujack) on location in 1985.

9. "The Four Musketeers": Krista Tesreau's Mindy, Grant Aleksander's Phillip, Judi Evans' Beth, and Michael O'Leary's Rick dressed up for the prom in 1983.

10. Kim Zimmer (Reva) and Robert Newman (Josh) in a passionate location scene in 1988.

11. Melissa Hayden (Bridget), Jeff Phillips (Hart) and Jocelyn Seagrave (Julie).

12. Bradley Cole (Richard) and Laura Wright (Cassie).

13. Paul Anthony Stewart (Danny), Nancy St. Alban (Michelle), and Peter Simon (Ed) at the annual Bauer Barbecue in 2003.

14. Marty West (Shayne), Robert Newman (Josh), and Kim Zimmer (Reva) in 2003.

15. Ricky Paull Golden (Gus) and Beth Ehlers (Harley) in 2007.

16. Jessica Leccia's Natalia and Crystal Chappel's Olivia realizing their feelings in 2008.

17. Robert Newman (Josh) and Kim Zimmer (Reva) pose for a photo in front of an iconic lighthouse in the final episode.

18. The final cast photo

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