6 Cool Facts About Euphoria's Alexa Demie


We all know and love Alexa Demie as the complicated but confident Maddy Perez on Euphoria.

Her bold makeup and fashion look on the hit HBO series are iconic and never fail to set off a wave of trends week after week.

Maddy's complex and heartrending storylines showcase Alexa's incredible talent, but her expertise extends far beyond acting.

Furthermore, we have got it covered. Find all the facts about Alexa Demie's ultra-cool life.

1. Alexa Demie has released two singles

2. She launched an eyewear brand in high school

3. Alexa Demie is in a long-term relationship

4. She accidentally broke Sydney Sweeney's toe during filming

5. She took a phone-free vacation to Mexico the week Euphoria aired

6. Alexa Demie has been acting since 2015

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