5 Eye Makeup Tips For Enhancing Big Eyes


Use kajal on the lower waterline for definition

Tip 1

Kajal is a must-have for many people, and when it comes to those with big eyes, it instantly changes the look by adding definition.

Go for a cat-eye look by extending your kajal inwards

Tip 2

A cat-eye look involves applying eyeliner extending into the inner corners of the eyes, like a reverse, inward wing.

Prominent lashes look amazing on big eyes, mascara and falsies.

Tip 3

Much like black kajal, a thickened lash line helps define and shape the eyes well.

Lift up the eyes’ outer corners with a winged liner

Tip 4

If you want to capitalise on the size of your eyes in the eyeliner department, you can try offsetting the width with longer length.

Embrace the under eye bags

Tip 5

Don’t fight the bags under your eyes, as they are, like every other feature, an asset.

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