25 Things to Know About Living in Las Vegas


1. Las Vegas Is Growing

2. No State Income Tax

3. Tourists Help With the Rest of Your Taxes

4. Low Cost of Living

5. Warm Weather Year-Round

6. Great Residential Neighborhoods and Suburbs

7. All You Can Eat

8. Good for Education

9. Outdoor Wonders

10. National Parks Nearby

11. Las Vegas Motor Speedway

12. rely on public transportation.

13. Park In The Shade

14. Home of the Shrimp Cocktail

15. Golf Courses Everywhere

16. Best Bowling

17. Professional Sports Coming Soon

18. Unique Cultural Attractions

19. Celebrity Impersonators

20. Eat and Drink Like a Local

21. An Incredible Comedy Scene

22. Orleans Arena

23. unique festival to attend

24. World’s Tallest Ferris Wheel

25. Fun, Affordable Staycations

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