25 Secrets Elon Musk And Every Rich Person Knows


1. Spending Must Align With Goals

2. Do not Waste Money To Impress Others

3. Have Plenty of Liquidity

4. Avoid Fees at All Costs

5. Know What You are Paying in Investment Fees

6. Asset Location Is as Important as Asset Allocation

7. Choose the Right Retirement Savings Account

8. Year-Round Tax Planning Is Crucial

9. Donate To Charitable Causes

10. It is Important To Hire Advisors

11. Choose Your Advisor Carefully

12. Salary Is not the Whole Story

13. Take Advantage of Time, Not Timing

14. Put It in Writing

15. Understand Value Over Cost

16. Eat Out Less

17. Be Your Boss

18. Use Other People’s Money

19. Have a Saving Strategy

20. Change Your Thinking

21. Invest In Yourself

22. Only Take a Job If There is Potential for Growth

23. Do not Pay With Credit Cards

24. Pursue Your Passion

25. Buck Trends

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