25 Prom Poses To Take With Your Friends On the Big Night


1. Make a Run For It

2. Break Out Your Dancing Shoes

3. The Over-The-Shoulder Look

4. Give Her a Twirl

5. Embrace Nature

6. Lounge On Some Steps

7. Show Off All Of Your Dress

8. Head to a Fun Location

9. Go For a Stroll

10. Show Off Your Ride

11. Get Yourself Some Privacy

12. Do the Classic Prom Pose

13. Showing Off Your Corsage

14. The Selfie Shot

15. Hold Each Other Up

16. Blow a Kiss

17. Pose with Superheroes

18. Get Athletic

19. The Drama TV Show Pose

20. Be Each Other's Dates

21. Nerd Out

22. Don't Forget the Balloons

23. The Oh-So-Candid Shot

24. Play With Glitter

25. Capture a Shot From Behind

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