21 Weird, Wonderful Unknown World Records


1. A family in Mexico has 98% of their bodies covered in hair.

2. David Rush can fit 100 lit candles in his mouth.

3. The longest fingernail of all time is over six feet long.

4. The loudest female burp is almost deafening.

5. A cat can balance ten dice on its paw.

6. The furthest distance to squirt milk from an eye socket was 9′ 2″.

7. Sixty-six people crammed onto a 42-foot long surfboard.

8. Anne Woods holds the record for most “gurning” world championship wins.

9. Gary Turner has the world’s stretchiest skin!

10. The longest metal coil passed through the nose is nearly 12 feet long.

11. The world’s largest pizza had an area of 13,580.28 ft².

12. Kim Goodman can pop her eyeballs 12 mm from their sockets.

13. The world’s longest-lasting kiss took over 58 hours.

14. The largest object removed from a human skull was a drill bit.

15. Ruan Liangming endured being covered in around 637,000 bees.

16. The heaviest weight lifted by tongue was the same as a three-year-old.

17. A parrot can open 35 canned drinks in one minute.

18. The world’s fastest bathtub reached an average speed of 116.08 miles per hour.

19. 412 people simultaneously washed their dishes.

20. The greatest distance catching a grape in the mouth was over 350 feet.

21. Freddy Nock walked along the highest cable car wire!

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