20 Unforgettable Characters Of Popular 90s Series


20. Hated: Samuel “Screech” Powers

19. Loved: Tim Taylor

18. Hated: Emily Valentine

17. Loved: Fresh Prince

16. Hated: Ross Geller

15. Loved: Kelly Kapowski

14. Hated: Wesley Crusher

13. Loved: Al Bundy

12. Hated: Dawson Leery

11. Loved: Zack Morris

10. Hated: Kimmy Gibbler

9. Loved: Pacey Wittaker

8. Hated: Claudia Salinger

7. Loved: Buffy Summers

6. Hated: Marcy Rhoades

5. Loved: Dylan McKay

4. Hated: Newman

3. Loved: Friends (Not Ross)

2. Hated: Dawn Summers

1. Loved: Mr. Feeny

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