2 Black Hawk Helicopters Crash During A Training Accident


Two Utah National Guard UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters were involved in a training accident.

Crashing near a popular ski resort, the Utah National Guard Jared Jones said:

No crew members or skiers at the Snowbird ski resort were injured.

"Everyone is safe," Jones said. "It was a blessing that everyone was OK."

The accident occurred near the Mineral Basin area of Snowbird, "about 150 yards off of Snowbird proper," Jones said.

Almost 30 miles from Salt Lake City.

The resort can carry more than 17,000 skiers and snowboarders uphill per hour on its many lifts.

Both helicopters suffered some damage because of the crash, the Utah National Guard said.

"As the first aircraft landed, portions of the blade of the lead helicopter separated"

"It appears struck the second helicopter," Jared Jones said.

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