17 Fun Things To Do With Your Dog This Winter


1. Hike At Nearby National And State Parks

2. Visit An Indoor Dog Park

3. Go Sledding

4. Try Skijoring

5. Include Your Dog In Yoga Class

6. Grab Lunch At A Dog-Friendly Café Or Restaurant

7. Go On A Shopping Trip

8. Bring The Fun Home 

9. Keep Your Dog Busy With Treat Puzzles

10. Set Up A Puppy Play Date

11. Book A Walking Tour Of Your City

12. Sign Up For An Agility Or Obedience Class

13. Teach New Tricks

14. Teach Them How To Use Talking Buttons

15. Start An Instagram or TikTok Account For Your Dog

16. Watch TV Shows Made For Dogs

17. Read Or Snuggle In Front Of The Fire

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