17 Best Hong Kong TV Dramas


1. The Bund《上海灘》(1980)

2. Police Cadet《新紮師兄》(1984)

3. Looking Back in Anger《義不容情》(1989)

4. A Kindred Spirit《真情》(1995)

5. File of Justice《壹號皇庭》(1992)

6. Journey to the West 西遊記》(1996)

7. Old Time Buddy 難兄難弟》(1997)

8. My Date with a Vampire《我和殭屍有個約會》(1998)

9. Healing Hands《妙手仁心》(1998)

10. A Step into the Past 《尋秦記》(2001)

11. War of the Genders 《男親女愛》(2000)

12. Square Pegs《戇夫成龍》(2002)

13. Triumph in the Skies《衝上雲霄》(2003)

14. War and Beauty 《金枝慾孽》(2004)

15. Heart of Greed 《溏心風暴》(2007)

16. Rosy Business 《巾幗梟雄》(2009)

17. Line Walker 《使徒行者系列》(2014-2020)

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